Best Restaurants in Parramatta (Sydney)



Finding a great Parramatta Restaurants close to the more famous known Sydney can be a tiresome process. With plenty of choices everywhere you look, it can be quite difficult to choose the one that pleases all your senses. To assist you in the process, we will review the top restaurants in Parramatta that are well-known for their rich flavours and excellent service.

Pho Pasteur

Pho Pasteur is an exquisite restaurant featuring Vietnamese comfort food carefully prepared for hungry shoppers and passersby. Famous for excellent cuisine that will bound to make you come back after tasting their glorious food, Pho Pasteur is certainly one of the best restaurants in Parramatta.

Their specialty is grilled meat which comes in a variety of options, depending on your preference, accompanied by tasty rice and noodles. Raw, cooked and beef tendon pho is packed with flavour and served with green leaves of basil. Without a doubt, Pho Pasteur guarantees a memorable meal.

Circa Espresso

Coffee enthusiasts in search of a perfect cup of that hot, black beverage we so enjoy will find what they need in Circa Espresso. Known for their fresh, excellent coffee and delicious breakfast treats, Circa Espresso is certainly a place where you will want to come back.

Their breakfast hit is eggs prepared with sujuk sausage and, for those with a more adventurous spirit, pan-fried barramundi fillet. But Circa Espresso is known for more than great coffee and treats, here you will find the most exquisite delicious vegan meals such as the Portobello mushrooms with hummus on sourdough.

Restaurant 317

Restaurant 317 is comprised of two buildings separated by Oyster Lane and features an Oyster Bar on one side and an elegant restaurant on the other. Both of which offer great experience with plenty of seating for everyone.

At Restaurant 317, you have the option to choose a table where you may enjoy a lovely meal or drink. Its award-winning menu will justify everything great that you may have heard about this restaurant. Their cold seafood platter is likely to amaze you with a variety of flavours on a single plate and you will definitely find at least one drink that will become your favourite from a selection of delicious cocktails on their list.

What’s more, Restaurant 317 is child-friendly, so you do not have to worry about leaving your children at home. Instead, enjoy a meal together sitting at one of the many outside or inside tables. The distinctive atmosphere of this unique restaurant is quite memorable.


This extremely popular restaurant located in central Parramatta has plenty to offer its customers. The Malaysian eatery is well-known for their hearty bowls full of flavour that will warm you right up and satisfy your hunger. In this tucked little food heaven, you will easily be transported to the rich and delicious-smelling world of Malaysian cuisine.

When you visit this restaurant, make sure to try their bed rendang with tender beef chunks in a delicious savoury sauce. Creamy noodle soup with egg and rice noodles are also highly recommended if you enjoy a spicy meal.

Vegetable versions with shrimp paste are available, as well and their Hainanese chicken is worth tasting, too. There is a reason why this is one of Parramatta’s best restaurants and one short trip to this place will reveal it all.

The Emporium

Whether you are looking for a cup of freshly roasted coffee, an extended meal featuring five courses, or anything else you desire, you will be sure to find it at The Emporium.

When dining at The Emporium, maple glazed beef short ribs are a must, but you may also enjoy the all-day brunch menu at this multi-level restaurant, as well. This two-storey eatery, featuring 150 seats, can accommodate any hungry visitor wishing for a hot meal or a cup of coffee.


If you are searching for the perfect setting for your next dinner party, consider these top five extremely popular restaurants that have plenty to offer and will definitely not leave you unsatisfied, if you want more idea visit also Parramatta eat


Why you need to Tour Tuscany once in your life


When I think of Italy, my mind is inundated by pictures of delicious foods, trattorias, incredible landscapes and gorgeous people. Tuscany is no exception to that. Located in central Italy, this location is known for its exquisite Renaissance art and architecture. If you have never visited the beautiful scenic Tuscany before, this article will convince you why you need to tour Tuscany at least once in your life.

Why Choose Tuscany?

Impressive History

The outstanding history of Tuscany is certainly noteworthy. The region is known as a cultural oasis, where there is ample emphasis on architecture, art, museums and historic monuments. The artistic heritage is meant to awe visitors, and the best way to experience this cultural awakening is by either using public transportation or hiring a private tour. This will give you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into the scenery.

A tour of Tuscany will take you to landmarks such as the Tower of Pisa, Piazza dei Miracoli, or Torre Del Mangia, where you can find a mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, and a beautiful combination of white marble and green pallets.

Dreamy landscapes

Speaking of the landscapes, anyone who’s ever toured Tuscany can confidently agree that the scenery impresses through the vibrant green colors, expansive fields of yellow sunflowers and expressive country lanes. The region is famous for bringing tranquillity and clarity, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the true Italian lifestyle.

Especially if you’re skilled in photography, you may wish to dedicate at least a couple of weeks to fully explore Tuscany, as this region can easily become a photographer’s or painter’s Mona Lisa. That is hardly surprise, considering that every picture you see of Tuscany is either representing a miraculous landscape or some beautifully carved piece of architecture.


For those who have seen ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, I probably won’t surprise you by saying that Italian food is absolutely superb. Tuscany is well known for its high-quality olive oil, thus eating specific dishes such as spaghetti aglio e olio peperoncino – spaghetti with olive oil and peppers- will feel like reaching taste bud Heaven. What really impresses is the freshness of the food and of the spices used, a fact which is forgotten in most parts of the world.

Tuscans are proud of their food, and have a different way of showing appreciation. Not overcomplicating dishes with unnecessary garnishes, Tuscans stick to herbs and pure virgin olive oil.

Blue sea landscape

In addition to the dynamic green, Tuscany is a perfect destination if you love sky-colored water and white sandy beaches. Although some places may tend to be overcrowded, beaches present themselves as clean and vastly spacious, thus you can still have your privacy. However, if you enjoy being alone on a beach, another advantage of hiring a private tour or renting a car is that you may be able to discover some hidden gems, such as lagoons like Argentario.

Best wine tours

Another thing Italians are famous for is their elegant wines. If you are a passionate of wines, a Tuscany wine tours is a must for you. Tuscany is known for having the perfect climate conditions to produce high quality wines. There are numerous places such as vineyards where you can do tastings, all whilst enjoying the incredible view and its colours. So while you’re out exploring, seek these secluded vineyards, and enjoy world-class wine like never before. Some examples of wines which you should definitely try while touring Tuscany are Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, or Brunello di Montalcino.

Authentic accommodation

If you love experiencing the true culture of a country or region, there are historic villas or hotels which allow for an authentic Tuscan experience. If you’re looking for an accommodation which is a bit more budget-friendly, there are several options out there. You may even find a tight-knit family who will feed you olives and biscotti at different times of the day!

Art and design

As mentioned earlier, Tuscany is renowned as being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. When it comes to art and culture, Tuscany will delight you in every sense of the word. It seems that the two are interdependent, and famous Tuscan paintings are proudly displayed in cities such as Pisa, Siena or Florence.

Michelangelo, who was born in Tuscany, once argued that his brilliance and talent were the result of the ‘lightness’ of the air he was breathing in Tuscany. Although this may seem like a bit of a stretch, I’m not entirely surprised that a brilliant artist was born in a place which is surrounding by beauty and originality.


There is no denying that Tuscany is a traveller’s dream. Because the mild weather allows you to visit the region all year round, there is no excuse for which you should not plan your tour of Tuscany.




There is one common dream that most people share, that is, to travel the world. Traveling new places lets us experience new things.

Here are some benefits of traveling;

1.New Experience

In every place you travel, there are different kind of experiences that you may encounter. There will be new activities and there will be several first-time activities that you may experience. You will be facing with different and diverse cultures. This will give you varied and new experiences in life.

2.Improves Social Skills

Traveling to several places makes you meet several people as well. You will be meeting different people with distinct behaviors. There is a need to adapt and adjust to your environment. Traveling will surely improve your social skills.

3.Improves Communication Skills

Now, meeting with several people while traveling is a must. You will be meeting strangers and be making new friends. To do this, communication is needed. You need to communicate in whichever language you understand. Of course, there is a big challenge when you don’t have the same verbal language. This will make you improve your communication skills during the trip.

4.Allows you visit the best places

Traveling can be simply defined as going into places. Traveling the world allows you to visit the most famous spots in the world. You will be able to see the best of all the places that you are going to visit. These sceneries are so beautiful that will make the trip definitely worth it.

5. Moments and Memories

Traveling the world gives you multiple moments to enjoy. Traveling around varying places gives you several possibilities to create beautiful memories and moments. These memories can have a sentimental value and

6.Getting to know various cultures

In every place you travel, there can be distinct cultures that you might encounter. Visiting a certain place and staying for some time allows you to mingle with people and understand their culture. There are so many different cultures in the world. Each of this culture has a special and unique look. Knowing this will widen your thinking and will probably help you understand the world much better.

7.Eating new and delicious food

Of course, eating should be on this list. When traveling, there will be different kinds of food that you may encounter. There will be an increase of items on your menu list. You will be able to find and taste different and delicious food as you travel.

Food Not to Miss When Traveling to Bangkok


Bangkok is to be sure a food city to fulfill the cravings of foodies from around the globe. Getting around in Bangkok to search food is not as simple as the other states. Most importantly there’s serious traffic, and also there are cab drivers who don’t talk great English and make fast money out of you in case you’re a traveler. Go for the drivers who turn on the meter because, in that way, you will know that they are being honest with you. It will be a major advantage for you to figure out how to ride the BTS Train as it’s the best method of transport amidst the traffic.

Number One Brand Thai Milk Tea

It is an extremely uplifting Thai Milk tea that can satisfy your thirst under the hot climate of Bangkok. You can find lots of their branches all around Bangkok.

Som Tum Nua

Som Tam Nua is one of the extremely prescribed places for one of the popular dishes of Thailand. They are situated at the Siam Centre, fourth floor. Amid busy hours, you have to wait in order to get a seat.

It is a nice view to see them put in order their Som Tum crisp to order. The must eat food are the chicken wings and their Som Tum for sure. They created it simpler for you to order by making a menu that is simplified of their top delicacies.

Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant of Ping

For a nice quality Oyster Omelet, go for Ping’s Restaurant. The place may appear exceptionally opulent and has a costly appearance, yet the costs are at great prices for a portion of the best Teochew Thai meal in Bangkok.

Lueng Pad Thai

To a few, they really favored pad Thai from this place. One of the keys to their Pad Thai is by means of prawn fat or some prawn heads to have a sauce for their pad Thai, and the outcome is a solid prawn enhanced flavor for the noodles.

Restaurant of Jay Fai (Crab Omelet and Drunken Noodles)

The eatery is renowned and generally detailed and suggested by a lot of travel food articles. They are well known for being more costly than other neighborhood stores in spite of their practical atmosphere. Jay Fai, the head chef, is the reason why, who does not hold back on ingredients and she is the main culinary specialist. It can take a considerable amount of time if there are many customers. Even with the costly price, you will discover bunches of individuals rushing there for a savor of the cooking of Jay Fai.

Boat Noodles of Thing Tiao Reur

This store is well known for boat noodles, little bowls of flavor pressed noodles. The boat noodles of this store are in reality more delightful than the other stores. There’s additionally blood of pigs there if you want some adventure.

Krua Apsorn

Praised by numerous individuals as one of the must eat eateries before you leave the country. The proprietor of Krua Apsorn has served in the Royal Palace for a long time as a private culinary specialist to the Royals. They have more than a few branches, however, it is suggested that heading off to the main branch near in the National Library located in Samsem Road.

Bangkok, Thailand

 The city of Bangkok is the capital of the country Thailand. It has more than 8 million people on it which makes the city of Bangkok the most populous city of the country, Thailand. A flight to Bangkok, Thailand from Manila, Philippines has an average flying time of 3 hours 20 minutes. A trip to Bangkok is the best thing you will do in your life. It has many tourist spots that you will always remember for the rest of your life once you visit the city. In Bangkok, you will find a lot of religious traditions and cultures just around the corner. There are luxurious and lavish shopping malls. Chill out in their European style gardens and comfy hotels. The best time travel and visit Bangkok, Thailand is from late November to some mid-January because the weather in that time of the year is tropically cool. In Bangkok, Thailand, they have their own language which is the Thai and there is currency is Thai Baht. 1 Thai Baht is 1.47 Philippine Peso.

Here are the top 3 things to visit that you should never miss when you are in the city of Bangkok, Thailand;

1.Visit the Grand Palace where it has been the home of the Kings of Siam and has been the Royal Court for 150 years. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is also known as the Wat Phra Kaew, is also found in the Grand Palace.

2.Have a trip to Wat Arun, which is also known as the Temple of Dawn, its tower has a Khmer style that mainly attracts the tourists.

3.Grab the chance to experience the Floating Market. You can choose which floating market is the best from Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, Talin Chan, Khlong Lat Mayom and Bang Nam Pheum.

We all do love to eat and going from one place to another makes our tummies growl for food.

Here are the best restaurants that will give your stomach so much pleasure;

1.Le Du Restaurant is a Thai restaurant located in Silom, Bangkok. Although its name does sound French, Le Du is just a Thai term which means season.

2.Bo Lan Restaurant is considered as one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Its name is formed from their 2 chefs Bo and Dylan Jones.

3.Suhring restaurant is located in Chongnonsi Yannawa, Bangkok. It has a Thai fine dining paired with modern German Cuisine.

After a tiring tour and a satisfying food trip from the best restaurants in Bangkok, here are the best 5-star hotels where you can spend a night;

1.The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok has been around for already more than 140 years. It has an ambiance you will ever long again to experience.

2.The Le Meridien Bangkok is a 5-star hotel that is located near the Patpong Night Market. You can experience a relaxing atmosphere while staying there.

Famous Food in the Philippines


These are the famous food in the Philippines;

1.Lechon Baboy

Lechon Baboy is a pork dish. This dish is done by first cleaning the pig well; this includes shaving off the pig’s hair and getting the pig’s insides. After the pig is cleaned, the stomach is open. That is where the spices will be put into place. It is then sued by a rope. The pig is now put pierced with a pole from its mouth to its butt. The pig will be put into position. After that, the pig will be put into a fire. Next, the pig will be rolled back and forth to control the heat that each part of the pig’s whole body receive.  Lechon is one of the most famous food in the Philippines. The Philippines consider Lechon as a National Dish. In every special occasion in the Philippines, Lechon is a must have. Birthdays, weddings, baptism, or any special celebration is much better with Lechon on the table.


Sinigang is a Filipino soup. This dish has a sour and flavorful taste. The sour flavor comes from sampalok or tamarind mix. Sinigang can either be a fish, beef, or pork dish. This dish has a savory flavor that you get right after tasting it. It gives a sour impression at the instant you taste it but as you eat more, it gets better and eventually delicious.


This is the Filipino noodles. It was introduced by one of their colonizers, the Chinese. The common ingredients of making Pancit include eggs, spring onions, noodles, and calamansi. The Filipino has this saying that eating a lot of Pancit can make you live longer.


This is one of the most famous street food in the Philippines. This is best eaten during night time. A balut is a developing embryo of a duck. It is boiled and eaten from the shell. Balut is everywhere in the Philippines, especially during night time. Balut vendors are usually on a bicycle roaming around the cities. There are also stalls for balut which are usually crowded with people during night time. This dish is paired with special vinegar and salt. The developing duck is soft and the duck’s embryo is a delicacy. This food is a weird but definitely a delicious dish.


This is one of the most famous desserts in the Philippines. Halo-halo simply means “mixed together”. It is a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk, and ice cream. The supplementary ingredients may include, leche flan, pandan, sweet beans, coconut, sago, gulaman, rice flakes, and much more. This cold dessert is even present at famous fast food restaurants like Chowking, Mang Inasal, Jollibee, etc.


Lumpia has many variations. It can be Lumpiang Shanghai or also called as Spring Rolls. This dish is made up of ground pork or beef, minced onions, beaten egg, and spices. This dish is also from Chinese concept. There also exist a vegetarian lumpia which is made up of carrots, mung bean, and other vegetables.


Maldives is an Island country of the South Asia and is located in the Indian Ocean. Geographically speaking, the country of Maldives is very rich in marine wildlife and ecosystem. It currently has a total of 1,192 coral islands where it gives protection to a lot of marine wildlife like the coral reefs, the fishes and a lot more. Maldives is currently considered the lowest country in the planet and is more likely prone to submerge due to the rise of sea levels. It also has 31 protected areas which are under the order of the Ministry of Environment and Energy and by the EPA. Tropical monsoon is the type of climate the Island country of Maldives has. Maldives is really the best place to travel to and spend a night with someone so dear.

Here are some of the best places you should never miss when you have your get away experience in the Island country of Maldives.

  1. The HP Reef or also known as the Rainbow Reef is a protected marine area in Maldives. Its name perfectly fits its surrounding ecosystem because the HP reef or Rainbow reef is a home for various and colorful coral reefs. Diving here is very exciting and astonishing because it is in between two outer atoll islands that give it a strong current within.
  2. The Vaadhoo Island is a well known island that is labeled as the Heaven on Earth but it offers more amazing feats when it already at night. It shows a compelling sparkling water that really looks like the sky full of stars. Its lights are romantic as ever.
  3. The Residence Maldives is a faultless island found in Gaafu Alifu Atoll. Experience the beauty of nature as you relax in this private island ambiance.
  4. The Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa is located in the South Ari Atoll where it is bounded by a stunning lagoon, an outstanding house reef and a white sand beach.
  5. The Angsana Velavaru or also called as the Turtle Island is located in the South Nilandhe Atoll. The resort offers Asian and Mediterranean types of cuisine paired with the Maldivian taste that makes the food even more perfect.
  6. The Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is located at the Baa Atoll. It gives a great view especially when you are in a bird’s point of view where you can appreciate its architectural design from above.
  7. The Veligandu Island Resort and Spa is located in the North Ari Atoll and it takes 20 minutes to arrive there by a seaplane. The resort has two restaurants; Dhonveli Restaurant which offers buffet and the Madivaru Restaurant which offers a romantic dinner at the beach.
  8. The Emas Thila or also known as the Manta point is a diving site at Addu Atoll. To catch a glimpse of the great Mantas, the month of May to November is the best time for that.
  9. The Dusit Thani is located in Dharavandhoo, Maldives. It is enclosed by several types of coral reefs along with a turquoise lagoon.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines

The Philippines is an amazing country. It is a popular spot for travelers who just want to have fun and relax. Some people still hesitate to include the country in their travel plans. But the following reasons will compel you to book a flight to the Philippines.

  1. The spectacular rice terraces in Northern Luzon

The Philippines is not just about beaches and lagoons, there are also spectacular mountainous regions all around the 7, 641 islands of the Philippines. The Batad and Banaue Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are terraced rock faces encircling the small towns will amaze the imagination. When you visit there, you will be greeted by the friendly and welcome indigenous villagers. They would gladly take photos with trekkers. You can also visit the Tappiyah Waterfall which can only be reached through a narrow road between flooded rice fields.

  1. The most amazing beaches on Earth

Photos don’t do the beaches justice. They are even better in person with the long stretches of sand, amazing crystal clear water, and hundreds of coconut trees swaying in the wind. In the 7,614 islands of this country, there is always a beautiful beach for everyone somewhere. Some, like El Nido and Boracay, beat a number of beaches from other countries.

  1. The hospitable and welcoming locals

The Philippines is not just popular for its beautiful destinations, it is also well known for its own people, the Filipinos. Not even the Thais and Cambodians can beat the hospitality and friendliness of the locals in the Philippines. People would invite you to have dinner in their house. Some would sing with you in a karaoke session. Politeness and respect are rooted in their culture. They will not forget to call you “Ma’am” or “Sir”. Locals would help you carry your heavy things.

  1. Everything is cheap

Your money will go a long way in the Philippines, especially if you are from a country in Europe or in the United States. In your home country, you are just an average person. But if you visit the Philippines, you will feel like a royalty. Food is very cheap and is always available, whether in the streets, restaurants or markets. Fun activities are also very affordable. If you want to visit more than one place, transportation is very cheap as well!

  1. The food is amazing

If food is important while traveling, you will definitely love the Philippines! There is a wide variety of food in the country, and they differ in sizes, shapes, forms, and tastes. You can also challenge yourself by trying out their exotic food such as Balut, a boiled fertilized duck eg. Aside from Filipino food, the country also features international food.

  1. The animals

As a tropical country, Philippines has one of the most diverse forests on Earth. The country houses some of the most amazing animals such as the Philippine Eagle, the tarsier, Tamaraws, The Philippine Mouse Deer, The Philippine crocodile, and much more. Those are just a few of the indigenous animals in the country.


5 Famous Snacks in the Philippines


1. Banana-Cue

Banana-cue is a cheap snack in the Philippines. It is made by peeling a banana called “saba”. The peeled banana is then coated with sugar. It is then put into a frying pan with oil. The banana is deep-fried on the pan. After some time, the sugar coating will solidify and then the bananas are put out into the pan. The bananas are then skewered by sticks like barbecues and lechon. There exist variations of this dish which undergoes the same process. The variations are camote-cue which uses sweet potatoes instead of bananas and toron which uses bananas as well but has a more solid look and has sweet jackfruit pieces inside.

2.Kwek-kwek and Fishballs

Kwek-kwek and fishballs are street food. Fishballs first came famous before kwek-kwek. Fishballs go together with tempura and squid rolls. Fishballs are fish-flavored dough. It is then formed into balls.  Kwek-kwek is generally a boiled chicken egg, covered in flour and coloring coating, usually orange. This dish just needs to be heated when you buy it for it is already cooked. Kwek-kwek has its partners tempura and squid roll sold together. In a kwek-kwek stall, these three comes together and it is up to you what combination you would like to have. All of this street food are deep-fried. There are special sauces that you can choose from. It can be in spicy flavor as well. These street foods are usually found near schools and crowded places.


Taho is a famous snack in the Philippines. This product looks like tofu. It is a warm, fresh soft bean curd added with tapioca balls. It has a special sauce which is made up of caramelized white sugar. Also, they add condensed milk to make it sweet better. Taho vendors carry two bucket-like containers hanged from the two ends of a stick which are balanced on the shoulder of the taho vendor.Taho vendors usually roam the streets early in the morning. Taho vendors chants their product by calling out loud “tahoooooooooooooo”. Once Filipinos hear this, the buyers, especially kids, immediately run outside their homes and go towards the taho vendor. Some people who are in sleep are even awakened and rushes towards to buy their favorite snack.


This dish is one of the best sellers in a barbecue store. Filipinos love this dish so much. Isaw is made up of chicken or pig intestines. The intestines are cleaned inside and out properly. It is then seasoned with spices and then skewered with barbecue sticks with the “s” pattern. It is then barbecued and served in pieces. It would also be nice to check out adidas or chicken feet. Like isaw, it is also a favorite dish.

5.Chicken skin

Deep fried chicken skin is one of the best snacks, especially during lunch time. Several chicken skin stalls are near schools that are why most average Filipino students enjoy eating this snacks as their lunch. The chicken skins are deep fried and are also skewered by a barbecue stick. It is later then dipped into sauces of your taste.