1. Banana-Cue

Banana-cue is a cheap snack in the Philippines. It is made by peeling a banana called “saba”. The peeled banana is then coated with sugar. It is then put into a frying pan with oil. The banana is deep-fried on the pan. After some time, the sugar coating will solidify and then the bananas are put out into the pan. The bananas are then skewered by sticks like barbecues and lechon. There exist variations of this dish which undergoes the same process. The variations are camote-cue which uses sweet potatoes instead of bananas and toron which uses bananas as well but has a more solid look and has sweet jackfruit pieces inside.

2.Kwek-kwek and Fishballs

Kwek-kwek and fishballs are street food. Fishballs first came famous before kwek-kwek. Fishballs go together with tempura and squid rolls. Fishballs are fish-flavored dough. It is then formed into balls.  Kwek-kwek is generally a boiled chicken egg, covered in flour and coloring coating, usually orange. This dish just needs to be heated when you buy it for it is already cooked. Kwek-kwek has its partners tempura and squid roll sold together. In a kwek-kwek stall, these three comes together and it is up to you what combination you would like to have. All of this street food are deep-fried. There are special sauces that you can choose from. It can be in spicy flavor as well. These street foods are usually found near schools and crowded places.


Taho is a famous snack in the Philippines. This product looks like tofu. It is a warm, fresh soft bean curd added with tapioca balls. It has a special sauce which is made up of caramelized white sugar. Also, they add condensed milk to make it sweet better. Taho vendors carry two bucket-like containers hanged from the two ends of a stick which are balanced on the shoulder of the taho vendor.Taho vendors usually roam the streets early in the morning. Taho vendors chants their product by calling out loud “tahoooooooooooooo”. Once Filipinos hear this, the buyers, especially kids, immediately run outside their homes and go towards the taho vendor. Some people who are in sleep are even awakened and rushes towards to buy their favorite snack.


This dish is one of the best sellers in a barbecue store. Filipinos love this dish so much. Isaw is made up of chicken or pig intestines. The intestines are cleaned inside and out properly. It is then seasoned with spices and then skewered with barbecue sticks with the “s” pattern. It is then barbecued and served in pieces. It would also be nice to check out adidas or chicken feet. Like isaw, it is also a favorite dish.

5.Chicken skin

Deep fried chicken skin is one of the best snacks, especially during lunch time. Several chicken skin stalls are near schools that are why most average Filipino students enjoy eating this snacks as their lunch. The chicken skins are deep fried and are also skewered by a barbecue stick. It is later then dipped into sauces of your taste.