The Philippines is an amazing country. It is a popular spot for travelers who just want to have fun and relax. Some people still hesitate to include the country in their travel plans. But the following reasons will compel you to book a flight to the Philippines.

  1. The spectacular rice terraces in Northern Luzon

The Philippines is not just about beaches and lagoons, there are also spectacular mountainous regions all around the 7, 641 islands of the Philippines. The Batad and Banaue Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are terraced rock faces encircling the small towns will amaze the imagination. When you visit there, you will be greeted by the friendly and welcome indigenous villagers. They would gladly take photos with trekkers. You can also visit the Tappiyah Waterfall which can only be reached through a narrow road between flooded rice fields.

  1. The most amazing beaches on Earth

Photos don’t do the beaches justice. They are even better in person with the long stretches of sand, amazing crystal clear water, and hundreds of coconut trees swaying in the wind. In the 7,614 islands of this country, there is always a beautiful beach for everyone somewhere. Some, like El Nido and Boracay, beat a number of beaches from other countries.

  1. The hospitable and welcoming locals

The Philippines is not just popular for its beautiful destinations, it is also well known for its own people, the Filipinos. Not even the Thais and Cambodians can beat the hospitality and friendliness of the locals in the Philippines. People would invite you to have dinner in their house. Some would sing with you in a karaoke session. Politeness and respect are rooted in their culture. They will not forget to call you “Ma’am” or “Sir”. Locals would help you carry your heavy things.

  1. Everything is cheap

Your money will go a long way in the Philippines, especially if you are from a country in Europe or in the United States. In your home country, you are just an average person. But if you visit the Philippines, you will feel like a royalty. Food is very cheap and is always available, whether in the streets, restaurants or markets. Fun activities are also very affordable. If you want to visit more than one place, transportation is very cheap as well!

  1. The food is amazing

If food is important while traveling, you will definitely love the Philippines! There is a wide variety of food in the country, and they differ in sizes, shapes, forms, and tastes. You can also challenge yourself by trying out their exotic food such as Balut, a boiled fertilized duck eg. Aside from Filipino food, the country also features international food.

  1. The animals

As a tropical country, Philippines has one of the most diverse forests on Earth. The country houses some of the most amazing animals such as the Philippine Eagle, the tarsier, Tamaraws, The Philippine Mouse Deer, The Philippine crocodile, and much more. Those are just a few of the indigenous animals in the country.