Finding a great Parramatta Restaurants close to the more famous known Sydney can be a tiresome process. With plenty of choices everywhere you look, it can be quite difficult to choose the one that pleases all your senses. To assist you in the process, we will review the top restaurants in Parramatta that are well-known for their rich flavours and excellent service.

Pho Pasteur

Pho Pasteur is an exquisite restaurant featuring Vietnamese comfort food carefully prepared for hungry shoppers and passersby. Famous for excellent cuisine that will bound to make you come back after tasting their glorious food, Pho Pasteur is certainly one of the best restaurants in Parramatta.

Their specialty is grilled meat which comes in a variety of options, depending on your preference, accompanied by tasty rice and noodles. Raw, cooked and beef tendon pho is packed with flavour and served with green leaves of basil. Without a doubt, Pho Pasteur guarantees a memorable meal.

Circa Espresso

Coffee enthusiasts in search of a perfect cup of that hot, black beverage we so enjoy will find what they need in Circa Espresso. Known for their fresh, excellent coffee and delicious breakfast treats, Circa Espresso is certainly a place where you will want to come back.

Their breakfast hit is eggs prepared with sujuk sausage and, for those with a more adventurous spirit, pan-fried barramundi fillet. But Circa Espresso is known for more than great coffee and treats, here you will find the most exquisite delicious vegan meals such as the Portobello mushrooms with hummus on sourdough.

Restaurant 317

Restaurant 317 is comprised of two buildings separated by Oyster Lane and features an Oyster Bar on one side and an elegant restaurant on the other. Both of which offer great experience with plenty of seating for everyone.

At Restaurant 317, you have the option to choose a table where you may enjoy a lovely meal or drink. Its award-winning menu will justify everything great that you may have heard about this restaurant. Their cold seafood platter is likely to amaze you with a variety of flavours on a single plate and you will definitely find at least one drink that will become your favourite from a selection of delicious cocktails on their list.

What’s more, Restaurant 317 is child-friendly, so you do not have to worry about leaving your children at home. Instead, enjoy a meal together sitting at one of the many outside or inside tables. The distinctive atmosphere of this unique restaurant is quite memorable.


This extremely popular restaurant located in central Parramatta has plenty to offer its customers. The Malaysian eatery is well-known for their hearty bowls full of flavour that will warm you right up and satisfy your hunger. In this tucked little food heaven, you will easily be transported to the rich and delicious-smelling world of Malaysian cuisine.

When you visit this restaurant, make sure to try their bed rendang with tender beef chunks in a delicious savoury sauce. Creamy noodle soup with egg and rice noodles are also highly recommended if you enjoy a spicy meal.

Vegetable versions with shrimp paste are available, as well and their Hainanese chicken is worth tasting, too. There is a reason why this is one of Parramatta’s best restaurants and one short trip to this place will reveal it all.

The Emporium

Whether you are looking for a cup of freshly roasted coffee, an extended meal featuring five courses, or anything else you desire, you will be sure to find it at The Emporium.

When dining at The Emporium, maple glazed beef short ribs are a must, but you may also enjoy the all-day brunch menu at this multi-level restaurant, as well. This two-storey eatery, featuring 150 seats, can accommodate any hungry visitor wishing for a hot meal or a cup of coffee.


If you are searching for the perfect setting for your next dinner party, consider these top five extremely popular restaurants that have plenty to offer and will definitely not leave you unsatisfied, if you want more idea visit also Parramatta eat