Customizable Snowflake Snowglobe Ornament

Introduction: Customizable Snowflake Snowglobe Ornament

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I wanted to come up with a simple and fun ornament that could be easily customized with a name. I decided to use my snowflake I created for a previous snowflake ornament and put it inside a snowglobe-type ornament shape!

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  • Tinkercad - for designing and customizing your own stocking
  • 3D Printer - I use a Prusa MK3 with an MMU2 but an MMU2 is not required to print this
  • Filament - good to have contrasting colors for snowflake/name and background
  • Ornament Hooks or String

You can Copy + Tinker to add your own name to the ornament!

Customizable Snowflake SnowGlobe Ornament

Step 1: Snowflake

I decided to stick with the snowflake I originally made for ornaments and earrings.

Not a lot too it. It's mostly rectangles and a hexagon.

You can use your own fun snowflake design!

Step 2: Snow Globe Ornament

Next I needed to come up with the base. I wanted something that would look nice as an ornament, fit in a 3.5" by 3.5" box, and would have space for a name.

I was going to do a circle, but it made fitting the nameplate on difficult. So, I went with an oval and used a rectangle with some extrusion shapes to round out a name area at the bottom.

This results in an ornament base that looks kind of like a snow globe.

Step 3: Combined Shapes

Lastly, I combined the snowflake and base. I was originally going to just have the snowflake, but then I thought it would be fun to add depth by rotating the snowflake on the base to add a second.

Add a name at the bottom. I used the Custom Font Text Shape Generators shape to add in a custom text.

Step 4: Printing

This ornament is designed to be printed by changing colors between layers so the base (and base of snowflakes) are one color, and the top snowflake and name are another color.

Other than that, it can help to print with 1 perimeter and iron the topmost layer only to get better coverage on the thinner letters.

Step 5: Finished Snowflake

I tried to test it out with a short name and longer name and I think they both look great!

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